Chee Yum 齊雲

Valentino beauty campaign

Chin Chin Hsu 徐蔚晴

Catrice 2024 cosmetic campaign

Chee Yum 齊雲

Mes Demoiselles

Liu Liu 劉思妤

L'Officiel / Brazil

Hilda Lee 李晨華

Vogue cover - Taiwan September 2023

Luca Tseng

Vogue: Archives story

Ting Chang (中荷混血)

Bella - Balenciaga story

Lorena 陳紜兒


Liu Liu 劉思妤

Styleby magazine Scandinavia

Suyu 姝毓

ELLE UK- Chanel beauty

Suyu 姝毓

Harper's Bazaar Vietnam

Suyu 姝毓

Metal magazine

Hilda Lee 李晨華

Harper's Bazaar / Taiwan

Chin Chin Hsu 徐蔚晴

Gubelin worldwide campaign

Chin Chin Hsu 徐蔚晴

Pandora worldwide campaign

Jolie Chang 張瑜秦

The Times London / Luxx cover

Chin Chin Hsu 徐蔚晴

Banana republic: worldwide campaign 2022


At WAWA model management, the successful fruition is not just about the scale of time- it is a concept, profession and experience instead. New Face Model Management, now WAWA Celebrity’s founder, Paul Chang accumulates years of experience and networks, introducing the whole new concept of celebrity & model management.

As of August 2020, the WAWA model company will be promoted to doll celebrity world/doll model agency in two major areas: future stars and elite leaders in the show business.

The first international model to be promoted to a WAWA celebrity is Hilda Lee, who has already achieved an important position in Taiwan’s fashion industry. She is a major player in the fashion world. In addition to endorsing MAC cosmetics, she also serves as global endorsements for Hogan, Dyson... and other major world-renowned brands. Many Taiwanese models are now stepping into the international fashion stage. They have been exposed to the world’s top popular brands such as D&G and major European and American media. The performing arts department will continue to discover and launch the most powerful future stars.

WAWA’s ambition is to successfully promote our international models to celebrities.




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